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Beautification Committee
Recommends and advises City Council as to certain beautification projects that are needed in the City.

Board Of Review
Hears appeals from individual taxpayers, reviews and makes adjustments in the assessment rolls when necessary.

Building Authority
Incorporated to acquire, furnish, enlarge, operate and maintain parking facilities, recreation building, or for any other legitimate public purpose for the City of Wayne.

Cemetery Board
Advises and recommends to City Council for the improvement of municipally owned cemeteries.

Commission On Aging
Advises the City Council on programs and services which are beneficial to senior citizens.

Dangerous Buildings
The purpose is to review and make recommendations for the removal of blighted structures as determined by the Building Official.

Downtown Development Authority
Develop and propose to the City Council, long range plans for the promotion of economic growth in the downtown district.

Historical Commission
Oversees the operation of the Historical Museum, which displays exhibits of local history and assists individuals with historical and genealogical research.

Housing Commission
Authorized to condemn or otherwise acquire property to enact and maintain low-rent housing.

Library Board
Provides proper reading room and materials for the use and benefit of the residents. Reports to the City Council on any matters necessary for the proper operation at the library.

Local Officers Compensation Commission
Salaries of local elected officials are determined by this Commission.

Mechanical Building Construction Board of Appeals
Determines the suitability of alternative materials and types of construction and provides interpretations of the provisions in the Building Code.

Parks and Trails Committee
The City of Wayne Parks and Trails Committee consists of volunteers who work together on plans and projects to improve the park and trail system in Wayne. The committee currently meets monthly on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

Personnel Board
Represents the public interest in the improvement of personnel administration in the City service, responsible for rules, regulations, policies and practices governing permanent, provisional, temporary and emergency appointments to positions in the City Classified Service. 

For the two Boards below: Those with Interest, knowledge, and/or experience in Architecture/Landscape Architecture, Building Construction, Engineering, Land Use Planning, Real Estate or Development  are encouraged to apply.

Planning Commission
Reviews site plan applications, proposed subdivisions and zoning changes, makes recommendations to the Zoning Board of Appeals and the City Council.

Zoning Board of Appeals
Empowered to authorize variances from the strict application of the Zoning Ordinance, to grant special exception permits, and to interpret ordinance.