Planning Commission

Planning Commission: The Planning Commission was established to review and approve site plans, temporary land uses and recommend special land uses and zoning ordinance amendments to the City Council.

Preferred Skill Set: Interest, knowledge, and/or experience in Architecture/Landscape Architecture, Building Construction/Engineering, Land Use Planning, Zoning, Real Estate/Development/Law, or community service are encouraged to apply

Meets: The second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall

Name Expiration Date
Robert Pugh, Chairman 07/2024
Denise Adkins, Commissioner 08/2024
Merle Baum, Commissioner 07/2026
Joseph Hubbs, Commissioner 08/2024
Beverly Shackelford, Commissioner 07/2024
David Story, Vice Chairman 07/2025
Emily Gabler, Secretary/Treasurer 07/2025
Rabih Darwiche, Commissioner 07/2026
Tom Porter 07/2025