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Keeping your contact information for your business up-to-date is important. This information is stored in our system and used to contact you if we are called to your business while you are not there. If you would like to update your contact information for your business, please click here. 

Fire Inspections

Safety inspections by a fire official will help keep your business running smoothly by preventing hazards and making a safer environment for your business, employees and our community.   The City of Wayne has adopted the most recent additions of the International Fire Code (IFC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Each inspection will encompass, but is not limited to, items such as fire protection equipment, egress, housekeeping, posting, plus electrical and mechanical items.   An initial inspection will be conducted and if violations are found, the business owner will be left with a list of violations and location of each to be corrected.  A follow up inspection will be rescheduled at time of initial inspection.   


Below is the fee schedule, initial invoice will be sent after first inspection.

Annual Business Fire Inspection

Square Footage

Inspection Only

Less Than 5,000


5,000 – 10,000


Over 10,000


*All subsequent fire inspections after the 2nd inspection will be given to the Fire Marshal and will be charged $60.00 each additional visit until compliance is met.

Additional Information

Click here to view the Fire Inspection Checklist (PDF).

Plan Reviews

Wayne's Fire Marshal works closely with the Building and Engineering Department to conduct plan reviews for businesses looking to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. A plan review is an evaluation of design plans prior to construction or reconstruction to address concerns that could be an issue in the construction process. In Wayne, you are required by City Ordinance to submit your site plans for review to the Community Development Department with any development by construction of an additional building on improved land, or the reconstruction of at least 30% of the total structure or any facade. 


Below is the fee schedule for plan reviews.  

*Plan reviews are sent out to be reviewed by a third party, 25% is added to the total cost below.

Fire Code Plan Review


Review Only

Review plus Inspection

Fire and Emergency Planning


Hourly Rate after 3 Hrs.


Hourly Rate after 6 Hrs.

Special Hazard


Hourly Rate after 4 Hrs.


Hourly Rate after 8 Hrs.

Additional Fees

To view other fees, please check out the Fire Department Fee Schedule (PDF).

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