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Community Loan Closet

Wayne Fire Department has a community loan closet of Walkers, Wheelchairs, and Crutches. Please call if you need one, and bring your ID when picking one up. We also accept donations of those items only. When returning these items after they are no longer needed. please give us a call.

Car Seat Safety

Wayne Fire Department understands the importance of having a car seat or booster seat that is safe and installed correctly to keep your child protected in the event of a crash. Although we do not preform car seat safety inspections, we encourage you to visit National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to learn more about car seat types, installation tips and tricks, recommendations, and to find a place near you to do a safety inspection.

Open Burn Policy 

Please view our Open Burn Policy (PDF) to read infomation about open fires and burning.

Additional Information 

If you would like to request a Fire Report or EMS Report,  fill out a FOIA Request Form (PDF) and email it to