Zoning Board of Appeals

Zoning Board of Appeals: The Zoning Board of Appeals was established to review variance applications, interpret the zoning ordinance and review appeals of zoning decisions in an adjudicatory fashion.

Preferred Skill Set: Interest, knowledge, and/or experience in Architecture/Landscape Architecture, Building Construction/Engineering, Land Use Planning, Real Estate/Development/Law, or community service are encouraged to apply

Meets: Second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall

Name Expiration Date 
Keith Butkovich (2nd Alternate) 07/2022
Len Fisher 08/2024
Anetta Gruich 08/2024
Dennis Hermatz 07/2023
Rupert "Bud" Hillyard 07/2023
Michael Hurley 08/2024
Andrew Raisanen 07/2022
Cindy Schofield 07/2022
James Sumner 07/2022
Don Quarles 07/2022