Firefighter/Paramedic Qualifications


A Firefighter/Paramedic  is a trained professional who fights and contains fires, as well as provides emergency medical aid to individuals in fires or accidents. Wayne Firefighters are expected to protect life and property through controlling, extinguishing, and preventing fires, and providing emergency medical service (EMS) under conditions which require strenuous physical exertion. Some time is spent in routine maintenance of equipment and apparatus and routine care of facilities, as well as participating in public education. In addition, they are required to attend, comprehend, and pass annual training requirements necessary to maintain required certifications and licenses.


In order to work for Wayne, the minimum qualifications include:

  • Must be a citizen of the United States (Birth Certificate or Naturalization Papers required at time of application).
  • Possession of current, valid Michigan driver's license and an excellent driving record with no more than three (3) points on current driving record.
  • High school diploma or GED (presented with application). Along with:
    1. State of Michigan Advanced Life Support/Paramedic license within a year of hire, and Current successful completion of Fire Fighter I and II.  

                      -  OR -    

                2. Current State of Michigan Advanced Life Support/Paramedic license, and 
                      Successful completion of Fire Fighter I and II within one year of hire.

 In both instances, successful completion of the Conference of Western Wayne (CWW) Written and Physical Agility Testing completed by   hire date.

Proof of all the above must be submitted with application