Kid's Fire Safety


Wayne Fire recognizes the importance of teaching fire safety to kids.  We work hard to keep everyone in our community safe. We encourage kids to visit Sparky the Fire Dog website to learn more about fire safety.


It is important to know the sounds of a fire and how to safely evacuate.  All families should:

#1: Install smoke alarms in your home. We suggest testing your alarms monthly, changing the battery at least once a year, and replacing the whole alarm every 10 years.

#2: Make an escape plan. If a fire occurs, there is no time to plan. It is important for everyone in your home to know at least two ways out and to be able to get out fast. Get to a neighbors house and call 911 as soon as possible. Practice this plan often!

#3: Choose a meeting spot. Choose a safe place in your neighborhood for everyone in your home to meet outside, preferably in front, once they evacuate the house. Do not try to re-enter the home!! Wait outside for your local Fire Department.

#4: Practice Monthly! Make sure your plan is as realistic as possible. Test every door is easy to unlock, even in the dark. Practice your plan by pretending certain exits are blocked by fire to create different exit plans. Teach everyone to touch the door, the door knob, around the frame with the back of your hand to determine if there is a fire on the other side of the door. Practice unlocking and opening windows, removing screens, and using escape ladders if on the second floor.

FireSparky Stop, Drop, And Roll

In the case of a fire STAY LOW. Get down on your hands and knees to crawl out, smoke rises and is filled with deadly gases so the best air will be several inches off the floor.

If your clothes catch on fire, STOP, DROP, AND ROLL! This can help put out a fire on your clothing, and helps avoid or minimized fire-related injuries. 

If you have any questions, contact your local Fire Department.