Why Should I Locate My Business in Wayne?

Where do you want to be? 

You can get there from here! 

The City of Wayne, Michigan is located directly between the major metropolitan centers of Detroit and Ann Arbor in Southeast Michigan. 

Wayne provides delivery access and a superior logistics location to Detroit, the industrial heart of the State of Michigan as well as Ann Arbor, which is an internationally known center of research in health, public affairs, science and government relations both from private and public businesses and institutions as well as Michigan State University. 

Also within easy commute is Ypsilanti, home to Eastern Michigan University, Ann Arbor, home to the University of Michigan, and Wayne is just a stone’s throw away from the University of Michigan Dearborn. 

What sort of local market do you have within reach from the City of Wayne? 

If we draw a circle with Wayne at the center and a radius of 30 miles you have a market of more than two million, two hundred and eighty-nine thousand eight hundred individuals.  That’s 2,289,800 people within thirty minutes of Wayne. 

Wayne features two rail depots operated by some of the largest railroads in the world.  The east-west corridor is handled by Norfolk Southern, which also maintains a main intermodal operation within 16 miles of Wayne! The north-south corridor is run by CSX which also operates an intermodal operation within 15 miles of Wayne!  Deliveries to the Wayne depots may be inquired of the railways.  Both rail lines have an international reach and move freight to and from Canada.  Both railroads have depots within the City of Wayne.  Inquire to the railroads for further information.

What else? 

  • Within 15 miles of Wayne, we also find Detroit Metropolitan Airport which is a major hub, international airport and cargo center known around the world.  Within 30 miles of Wayne is also Coleman A. Young International Airport providing primarily passenger and small cargo services. 
  • Within 12 miles is also the already large and expanding Willow Run Airport which is a regional leader in air cargo with services to Canada and across the United States, connections to the world. 
  • Within 30 miles there are also 4 Municipal airports that can support light and medium sized aircraft. 
  • Cargo Truck Operations as well as all support services including new sales, used sales, repair and modifications are looking at Wayne as the regional choice. 
  • Interstate 275, with both North and South ramps, is located 7 minutes away.   
  • Access to Interstate 94 with both East and West ramps are located within just 10 minutes.  Two other East-West ramps for I-94 are located within the same range.  

With access to two main rail lines as well as Easy-On and Easy-Off interstate and international highway connections these are just a few reasons that set Wayne apart from the rest.